Actived Carbon Filters FC series

Actived Carbon Filters FC series

Dry filter for gas cleaning with adsorption process.

Remove VOC, H2S from gas with an efficiency of above 99%.

An activated carbon filter is a filter that uses a bed of
activated (and/or impregnated) carbon to remove VOCs,
contaminants and impurities, using chemical and/or
physical adsorption.
To improve the adsorption capacity of a filter medium of a
particular pollutant, it is possible to use an activated carbon
impregnated with a selected chemical reagent.
An activated carbon can capture, on average, from 10% to
25% of its weight in VOCs before saturation, and then it has
to be replaced or regenerated with steam. Activated carbon
is used in cases where it’s difficult to apply a chemical wet
scrubber or a biofiltration or in cases where it’s required to
use a final refining treatment after a chemical scrubbing.
The adsorption capacity of an activated carbon for a given
VOC is often represented by an adsorption isotherm that
relates the amount of VOC adsorbed to the equilibrium
pressure at constant temperature. To simplifying the
adsorption capacity is considerated as the maximum ratio
between the weight of the substance retained and the
weight of the activated carbon used, it is expressed as a
percentage (weight in grams retained by 100 g of carbon).
There are many different industrial applications for
deodorization and purification gases with adsorption filters;
we can help you to determine the quality and the quantity
of adsorbents to use, in order to resolve your VOC emission
We can design the filters using standard virgin activated
carbon and impregnated chemical media for various VOCs
with higher than 99% treatment efficiency.

Pollutants treatment wide range
Easy maintenance
Low cost
High efficiency
Actived Carbon Filters FC series