Static filters

The Static filters have a fixed filtration media through which the gas to be treated passes. There are two types of static filters:

– Filters used for the separation of solid particles entrained by the gas such as bag filters, gravel filters or ceramic candle filters;

– Filters used for the treatment of odours and harmful gases, such as the case of filters with filter media such as activated charcoal, activated zeolite or alumina,

Main advantages:

The static filters have a low cost and are an efficient solution for the odorous gases treatment, or for the gases containing gaseous or solid pollutants treatment.

The Static filters are designed and built according to the nature and the amount of pollutants to be treated. Building materials are polypropylene, fiberglass or stainless steel. Their removal efficiency can reach 99%.

Air dep filters are used in wastewater treatment plants, Waste management    plants, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, petrochemical industry etc.

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