Scrubber Venturi SV series

Scrubber Venturi SV series

Wet air, or other gases, depollution.

Remove dust and VOC from the air with a high efficiency .

Venturi scrubbing is an effective technique for the removal of
particles from a gas stream, even down to sub-micron size.
Scrubbing liquid and gas stream are brought together in a
turbulent contact in the venturi throat.
Liquid is introduced at the venturi throat. The liquid velocity is
low in comparison to the gas velocity. The high relative
velocity between gas and liquid ensures good particle
collection efficiencies even down to the submicron range.
The smaller the particle to be removed, the smaller the throat
and the higher the pressure drop. Our Venturi scrubber is of
an innovative adjustable throat size and pressure drop.

It’s a wet gas depollution for hot dusty gases
It’s a wet gas depollution for explosive dusty gases
It can achieve good gas absorption for soluble/reactive gases
The required energy is adjustable.
The Throat section is adjustable according to the job needed.

• Particulate Scrubbing
• Gaseous and particulate contaminant removal from
processing operations in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food
industries and petroleum
• Gaseous and or particulate emissions from process
operation vessels, reactors and storage tanks
• Odor control and VOC removal from product dryers, and
waste treatment operations
• Acid gas removal from high temperature gases
• Acid and alkali fume removal from pickling, galvanizing,
and cleaning lines
• Mist Removal
• Toxic, explosive or hazardous gases prohibiting presence
of air or oxygen.
• Acid Scrubbing
• VOC Scrubbing